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Raising awareness of medical malpractice in Florida and elsewhere

The founder of a medical mediation group was a recent guest on a program in a state outside of Florida. The man is a former litigator and health-care attorney who was offering practical information and tips with regard to medical malpractice. Those who are currently or have recently been under the care of professional medical staff can most likely benefit from the information provided.

A variety of the topics discussed on the program were featured in a recent article. One of the topics included ways for patients to determine if they have suffered from medical negligence or error. The article listed the definition of medical malpractice as patients suffering injury due to substandard medical care, as well as physicians who fail to provide care within acceptable standards.

Personal injury through sexual assault filmed on Florida beach

An unreported incident was discovered by police who were investigating an unrelated crime in a different state. Officers discovered cell phone video taken of an apparent gang rape which took place during the annual college spring break activities in Bay County, Florida. The victim who suffered the personal injury later said that she did not report it to authorities because she was not fully cognizant of the assault. She stated that she believes she might have been drugged before the attack took place.

Police were investigating a shooting when an officer discovered a video recording of what appeared to be an incapacitated woman being sexually assaulted by multiple perpetrators on a public beach. According to reports, the video includes a crowd of on-lookers, who seemingly watched the attacks take place without coming to the woman's defense. Three males, each in his early twenties, have been charged in the sexual assault.

Cruise ship accidents or illnesses can affect multiple passengers

Recent concerns have been raised regarding repeated outbreaks of an apparent illness spreading among some cruise ship passengers. Many travelers, likely including some in Florida, enjoy commercial cruises. Cruise ship accidents or illnesses suffered on board are unfortunate occurrences on some sea journeys, and it seems that stomach viruses are among those incidences on the rise aboard some cruise ships.

A recent article stated that the Centers for Disease Control has reported 100 ill passengers and crew members aboard a cruise ship that recently departed from the West Coast. It appears that those who took ill were afflicted by a gastrointestinal illness. There were 2,117 passengers registered on the cruise. Five of those who are ill are members of the crew.

Florida collision ends in personal injury and death

A Polk County, Florida, police deputy was involved in a fatal collision on a recent Wednesday evening. A passenger in another vehicle suffered a personal injury in the crash. It was reported that roads were closed to traffic while an investigation of the accident was conducted.

It was about 6 p.m. on Wednesday when the deputy was reportedly driving in the westbound direction on Ronald Reagan Parkway. A 70-year-old driver in another vehicle was headed east. As the two vehicles entered the intersection, they collided. The 29-year-old deputy was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and was later released.

Defective products blamed in case of auto fire death

Manufacturers can be held liable in Florida and elsewhere when consumers are injured or made ill through normal usage of the items they produce and sell. An automobile manufacturer was named in a recent lawsuit where defective products were blamed for the death of a 4-year-old child. The boy was killed when the jeep in which he was a passenger caught fire on impact in a collision.

Reports indicate that the child's death was one of at least 75 other reported deaths related to the same brand of jeep involved in fuel tank fires during accidents since 1998. Those representing the claim on behalf of the boy's family have asserted that the jeep manufacturers were aware that the fuel tanks were poorly designed, located 11 inches from the rear of the vehicles. When struck from behind, the jeeps are reportedly at great risk for catching fire.

Personal injury suffered in Miami-Dade multivehicle accident

Pickup drivers are responsible for securing items that they intend to haul in the bed of their trucks. Hauled loads that are not properly secured place all those who share the road with such a vehicle at risk. A recent Florida accident occurred when a wheelbarrow was said to have flown off the back of a pickup truck, leading to a chain reaction crash involving a tractor trailer and six automobiles. One person suffered serious personal injury in the crash.

The recent collision occurred in Miami-Dade County on Florida's Turnpike. All lanes of traffic had to be shut down in the aftermath of the accident. A Highway Patrol officer who responded to the scene told local news crews that the incident was apparently caused by a pickup truck driver's failure to secure the items he was hauling in the bed of his truck.

Medical malpractice incidents on the rise in some hospitals

In a state northeast of Florida, a group of analysts, patient advocates, hospital leaders and government representatives recently gathered to discuss the apparent rise in adverse events that have occurred in certain hospitals. Medical malpractice incidents more than doubled at some of the facilities included in the study between 2012 and 2013. One senator serving on the task force stated that he believes many of the errors were preventable.

A doctor who is acting vice chairman of surgery reported that there is an unspoken rule among medical staff that warns employees never to question the authority of staff members who rank higher than themselves. He said that errors would begin to decrease if a new paradigm were to be instilled that would allow staff to question those above them without fearing retribution. A state public health commissioner, also a physician, stated that it is crucial for hospital staff to freely admit errors so as to open lines of communication and possibly prevent the same errors going forward.

Dancer alleged to have caused personal injury to tourist

Two parents, whose son had recently traveled from several thousand miles from his home to Florida to attend the Ultra Music Fest, are waiting to learn whether their son needs brain surgery. He suffered personal injury and was listed in critical condition after he was struck by a moving vehicle as he attempted to locate a taxi cab outside a Miami-Dade nightclub on a Sunday, close to 5:30 a.m.. The woman accused of striking the man with her vehicle left jail Tuesday morning after posting a $12,500 bond.

Reportedly, the woman is a dancer, and police stated that she was unable to produce evidence of a driver's license. She is accused of hitting the 22-year-old pedestrian from behind with her vehicle and driving away from the scene of the accident without stopping to render assistance. The young man's father lamented that his son had taken the trip to the United States in order to have fun and, instead, became the victim of a tragedy.

Florida patients could suffer medical malpractice through RSI

Hospital patients throughout Florida rely on the knowledge, skills and proficient care of medical staff as they undergo various types of treatments and surgeries. In many states, a problem involving medical malpractice through retained surgical items has been noted. A recent article offered updated details and explanations with regard to this serious issue.

Data indicates that there are as many as 4000 reported incidents in the United States of patients suffering from surgical items mistakenly left inside their bodies after surgeries each year. According to reports, there are frequent occurrences of the problem in some hospitals, while others have a pristine record. Recent directives were issued to specifically define the exact time period officially considered to be post-operative, stating that a surgical item is not considered retained until the patient has been removed from the operating room.

Florida accident kills tourist, 2 others suffer personal injury

When a Florida resident is injured through the negligent or wrongful actions of another person, he or she is typically entitled to file a legal claim in a civil court. Those who suffer personal injury in traffic accidents or other catastrophic events have the right to pursue legal action against a person or group of persons deemed liable for their injuries. In a recent case involving a group of pedestrians, a newly retired vacationer was struck and killed by a vehicle while two others were injured in the tragedy.

The  accident occurred when a recently retired hospital executive was vacationing in Florida with his wife. They, along with another woman, were reportedly walking along a sidewalk when a vehicle veered off the road and struck them. The man was transported to a nearby hospital with severe head trauma. Sadly, he later succumbed to his injuries.

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