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Miami Personal Injury Law Blog

Where to find legal help when drunk drivers cause personal injury

Florida roads are often full of traffic at all hours. Of course, it is each driver's obligation to act with caution behind the wheel in order to keep all who share the road as safe as possible. When a motorist chooses to consume alcohol before driving, the risk of an accident is substantially increased. Accidents that occur under such circumstances often result in personal injury or, in the worst cases, the deaths of innocent victims.

On a recent Sunday morning, an employee of a local bar apparently followed a man who had just been inside the bar, allegedly wanting a drink. The bar was about to close at the time; so, the potential customer left the premises. A server, who had also just left the bar was reportedly driving behind the man as he went across a bridge.

The ins and outs of personal injury legal claims

Anyone who has suffered injury in Florida at the fault of another person may be able to seek recourse through the legal system by filing a claim in a civil court. The "personal injury" law category is comprised of many different types of cases, from motor vehicle accident injuries to medical malpractice or violent crime. Each situation is different, and an experienced attorney is able to provide personalized legal counsel and effective representation to help an injured victim seek justice.

Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., has successfully assisted many clients in addressing their physical and financial needs through aggressive litigation and dedicated legal advocacy. It can be frustrating to face mounting medical bills, lost wages and other injury-related expenses, and our legal team is prepared to help alleviate stress by acting on your behalf in court. We will make certain that everything possible is done to secure a full and just recovery for your losses.

Medical malpractice filed outside Florida after kidney removal

All medical patients, including those who may be incarcerated at the time, are entitled to treatment provided according to the highest level of acceptable standards and safety procedures. Doctor negligence often leads to severe injuries or illness to patients, many of whom have filed medical malpractice claims against those deemed responsible. One such claim was recently filed by an inmate in a correctional facility outside the state of Florida.

The woman, age 62, claims that substandard medical care on the part of prison doctors caused her to suffer a severe kidney infection that resulted in the need for the surgical removal of one of her kidneys. Apparently, she had been given x-rays at a county jail due to severe abdominal pain. She was transferred to another correctional facility, and she is said to have suffered continued pain, fever and blood in her urine at that time.

Personal injury often extends to family members in Florida

One can only imagine the shock and sorrow of learning that a loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle collision. Such tragedies are often followed by a strong desire for justice on behalf of the deceased when an accident was caused by negligence. A personal injury attorney can help any Florida family seeking answers to questions regarding how to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

In Florida, a parent must sign a driver's license application when the applicant is under age 18, unless that child has been emancipated through marriage. Parents who sign a driver application for a minor assume financial responsibility for any costs that arise if the minor-aged driver is involved in a collision. A parent may be held legally liable for any injuries or damage caused by negligent driving if a minor was behind the wheel when the accident occurred. 

A life lost and several suffer personal injury in Florida

Florida roads are busy thoroughfares that include tourists, residents and business travelers on a daily basis. Accidents often occur that result in personal injury to one or more persons. When a large commercial vehicle is involved, the impact of a crash may be quite severe.

At least 11 vehicles were involved in a recent chain-reaction accident that appears to have been caused by the driver of a city dump truck. Police say the truck rammed into the back end of a taxi cab. A woman riding in the rear passenger seat of the cab was killed in the collision.

Medical malpractice problematic in Florida and other states

When you have entrusted yourself or a loved one to the care of medical professionals in Florida, you may rightfully assume that the care given will be provided according to the highest level of acceptable standards for safety and protocol. When an injury or illness occurs due to negligent health care, the result is often devastating and tragic. Those injured by medical malpractice may also find themselves hit with unexpected financial problems because of medical bills or other expenses that they are unable to pay.

Recourse is available through the legal system to those who have suffered injury due to medical negligence. A person's ability to move forward in life is often delayed when they are forced to deal with tremendous financial debt on top of the physical challenges an injury may present. An experienced personal injury lawyer is able to guide you through the process of filing a claim against any party or parties deemed responsible for your injury.

Child succumbs to personal injury in tragic Florida crash

When motor vehicles traveling on a Florida highway collide, the results are often devastating. A victim may suffer serious personal injury or, in worst cases, die upon impact in an accident. When that person is a minor, a parent or legal guardian may take legal action against the motorist deemed responsible for the crash. 

A recent incident involved three separate vehicles. Two of the cars were apparently heading southbound when a vehicle from the northbound direction drifted into their lane. The vehicle that allegedly veered into the southbound lane is said to have crashed head-on into one of the other two cars.

Medical malpractice among list of charges against Florida doctor

Any patient undergoing medical procedures in Florida places a certain amount of personal trust in the doctor overseeing that care. Physicians are obligated to perform their duties according to the highest levels of accepted safety standards and protocol. When doctor/patient trust is violated, medical malpractice may occur that causes injury or illness to a patient, and that may be grounds for a lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible.

A 44-year-old male physician is currently facing at least 26 felony counts in connection with sexual assault accusations made against him by various patients. In a recent incident, a woman who had undergone a thyroid procedure claims that the doctor sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious from anesthesia. She has also said that the doctor further violated her by conducting unnecessary vaginal exams wherein he claimed to be examining a rash on her body.

Ravens player who suffered personal injury has died

Motor vehicle accidents occur on Florida roadways every single day. Some are minor, with those involved walking away unscathed. Others, however, result in serious personal injury to one or more persons; in worst case scenarios, victims succumb to their injuries. Many times, such accidents lead to legal claims being filed against those who are deemed responsible in order to seek recovery for losses sustained. A recent collision involved an NFL football player, Tray Walker.

The Ravens cornerback was apparently riding a motorbike when the terrible accident took place. Another vehicle on the road collided with his vehicle. Walker was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

Defective products may pose danger to airplane passengers

Consumers in Florida and all other states typically understand that there is a certain amount of personal responsibility involved in using store-brought products. One must carefully read all instructions and make every effort to use a product accordingly, and in the manner in which normal use of the product is intended. However, the law protects consumers who suffer personal injury or become ill when defective products cause them harm.

A recent incident occurred during an airplane flight that placed all passengers in danger. The situation involved an iPhone that burst into flames for no apparent reason. The woman holding the phone at the time thought the entire plane was on fire and told reporters later that she thought they were going to crash.