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Miami Personal Injury Law Blog

Florida woman suffers personal injury during alleged assault

In Florida and all other states, if a person suffers physical harm due to another party's negligence or wrongful acts, he or she is entitled to file a legal claim against the responsible party or parties in a civil court. A recent incident resulted in criminal charges being filed against a man who is accused of causing personal injury to a woman during an assault. The woman's children were said to be present at the time and witnessed the assault.

Officers say that the 30-year-old man in question bit the woman, as well as struck her in the head during a recent physical altercation. Children who were present at the time of the alleged assault apparently did what they could to protect their mother by tying to get the man to stop his assault. The woman was taken to a hospital where she continues to recover from her injuries.

Child suffers personal injury, another dies in Florida accident

It is imperative that all motorists remain alert and operate their vehicles according to the highest levels of safety standards and traffic regulations when traveling the nation's busy highways. When a driver is negligent, personal injury -- or even death -- sometimes results when a motor vehicle accident occurs. Such was the case in a recent Florida tragedy where one child's life was lost and another child was critically injured.

According to investigators, several vehicles had reduced their speeds in order to adjust to the pace of traffic. A pickup truck approached, and the driver apparently did not notice that traffic had slowed. The vehicle crashed into a car that carried three occupants, two of whom were very young children.

Finding legal help in Florida after cruise ship accidents

No one wants an ocean-voyage vacation to end in injury or illness. However, it remains a fact that some seafarers will become involved in cruise ship accidents in Florida waters. It is important to know where to turn for legal help if you have been injured or become ill during your time aboard a commercial or private vessel at sea.

Many tourists, as well as residents, in Florida enjoy time on the water. Whether traveling as ticket holders on ocean cruises, enjoying time fishing with friends on a boat, or participating in popular water sports and recreation, if you have suffered an injury or illness due to another party's negligence, you might be entitled to file a personal injury claim in a civil court. A first logical step to take if you are considering filing such a claim would be to contact an attorney in the area who has experience in handling boating accident cases.

Personal injury and death result from Florida car accident

At approximately 2 p.m. on a recent Friday afternoon, a Florida roadway became the scene of a tragic accident. The incident resulted in personal injury to more than one person, in addition to two fatalities. FHP agents continue to investigate the collision at this time.

Two vehicles were reportedly involved in the recent crash at a Florida intersection. Information provided suggests that one of the drivers failed to obey a stop sign. A 49-year-old woman was driving the car that was heading west and allegedly drove past the stop sign. A 43-year-old motorist was said to have been traveling in a southbound direction when the two cars collided.

Have you suffered personal injury due to someone's negligence?

Many Florida residents find themselves facing difficult circumstances when they have become injured due to the negligence of another party. If you have suffered personal injury and believe that there are grounds to file a legal claim in the matter, you will want to seek consultation with an experienced team of attorneys in order to discuss the details of your case. In a successfully litigated case, a compensatory award is often issued by the court that can be used to help alleviate many of the monetary damages associated with the accident or incident that caused your injury.

At Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A., our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping clients seek the retribution they deserve for their suffering. A serious injury can have long-lasting, negative effects on a person's quality of life. We are prepared to help you obtain the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Family sues hospital for medical malpractice

When a woman enters a hospital in order to give birth to a child, she has the right to reasonably assume that those assisting in the birth will conduct themselves according to the highest levels of professionalism and safety standards. In Florida and elsewhere, if medical malpractice becomes an issue due to negligence on the part of medical staff members, the patient involved may choose to file a legal claim in a civil court. Such was the case after a recent incident where a family is blaming the death of their loved one on hospital negligence.

The woman, who is now deceased, gave birth to a baby boy in 2013. Her family has alleged that the hospital's failure to notice signs of preeclampsia led to her death. This condition typically arises mid-way through a normal pregnancy, with common symptoms being a sudden case of extremely high blood pressure and damage to kidneys or other internal organs. The woman had reported her symptoms several times to doctors and had test results that showed the signs of preeclampsia.

Personal injury and fatalities result of Florida accident

The college community of a Florida university is in mourning after a tragedy occurred that involved several of its students at approximately 9:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday night. The motor vehicle crash resulted in personal injury to more than one victim. Several lives were also lost in the tragic collision.

A vehicle with four occupants was apparently navigating a turn at an intersection on a Florida roadway. Another vehicle appears to have crashed into it as it was making the turn. The second vehicle was said to be traveling at a very high rate of speed. Witnesses say that the man behind the wheel of the car that appears to have caused the accident went running into a nearby gas station after realizing what had just happened.

Florida city settles in two personal injury cases

In the news, recently, were reports of two separate cases in Florida where residents filed lawsuits against Delray Beach city. Taxpayers will reportedly foot the bill for the substantial amounts of money the city has agreed to pay in settlements for the personal injury cases. The settlements were allegedly approved without input from any commissioners.

In the first case, a man claims that he suffered physical discomfort and severe embarrassment when he was arrested under a case of mistaken identity and held in jail for several days. He was charged in an undercover drug sale operation, but those charges were later dropped when the State Attorney's office determined that he was not the correct suspect. The man will now receive $20,000 for the damages he sustained in the incident.

Florida motorists should be aware of defective products case

Those who operate motor vehicles or ride as passengers in them do so at a certain amount of risk for their own safety. However, every motorist and automobile occupant, in Florida and beyond, has the right to reasonably assume that the automotive parts in the cars in which they travel have been designed and manufactured according to the highest levels of safety standards. In a recent class action lawsuit, attorneys say this is not the case with respect to one important vehicle part, making the defective products involved deadly to motorists.

The products in question are keyless ignition systems that have been installed in many new automobiles in the United States. Drivers  can press a button on key fobs to start their cars without placing keys into ignitions. The systems are designed so that the cars will not start without the fobs being inside the vehicles.

When medical malpractice leads to criminal charges

It cannot be disputed that some Florida medical patients die because of negligence on the part of medical staff members. More rare, however, are cases wherein a medical malpractice accusation results in criminal charges being filed against a physician. Such are the circumstances recently brought to light in the first session of what is projected to be a long criminal trial against a doctor who is being charged with murder.

It was reported that the recent murder trial began with images of medical patients being flashed on a projector screen before the eyes of those present in the courtroom. Each person, the prosecutor asserted, died due to drug overdose from prescriptions written by the doctor on trial. An instructor from a school of law said that the case should alert doctors everywhere to avoid recklessness when issuing prescriptions to patients.