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Injured Florida residents sometimes seek premises liability

In Florida and elsewhere, a variety of commercial properties can sometimes become scenes of an accident. Those who own apartment complexes, shopping centers or any number of other commercial buildings are expected to keep their properties safe and secure by reasonable standards for all those who reside in or visit the locations. Premises liability may exist when a property owner has failed to do so.

At times, a person might suffer injury that is determined to be caused by a property owner's negligence. Attorneys, such as Panter, Panter & Sampedro are able to represent victims in cases of security or premises liability. Legal professionals are aware of what is to be considered best practices regarding safety and security procedures on commercial properties.

Florida medical malpractice case leads to newly proposed bill

A tragedy occurred in Florida 2003 that left a family grieving the untimely death of their loved one. The incident involved a reportedly botched surgical procedure that resulted in the death of the patient. The woman, 38 years old at the time, was undergoing  breast augmentation surgery when circumstances took a tragic turn during the procedure, resulting in her death and a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The practicing surgeon involved in the case had his license revoked in the state of Florida. The decedent's family, along with a lawmaker from her home state, have worked to introduce a new bill that would allow surgery patients to have their procedures recorded by audio and video equipment. The family has stated that they hope all states will adopt similar legislation as a constructive measure to provide patients with valuable detailed information regarding medical treatment that can used during litigation if necessary.

Passengers have rights after suffering cruise ship accidents

Many travelers, many of whom set off from Florida, choose to vacation by taking a trip aboard a cruise line. However, cruise ship accidents sometimes occur that result in injuries or illnesses suffered during travelers' time at sea. Various types of incidents, including illnesses from food, sexual assaults and injuries suffered from falls aboard ships are among the realities that some sea-faring travelers unfortunately experience while on their vacations.

Many ship passengers enjoy a variety of pastimes while sailing the open seas, including fishing, water sports or the luxury of sunbathing on deck. Some vacationers overlook the fact that some cruise lines may be negligent in matters of security or in providing safe, clean environments for passengers during their journeys. It is not uncommon for people to have to spend extended amounts of time saving their hard-earned money in order to afford cruise vacations. Therefore, each ticket holder has a right to expect that a cruise line has his or her best interest in mind for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Will school be held accountable for premises liability?

Most parents assume that the staff members of their child's school will do their best to maintain a healthy, safe learning environment for students and teachers alike. In a recent case outside of Florida, the family of a young student has filed a legal claim against the child's school, seeking to hold it accountable for premises liability after the boy was injured during a physical education class. The accident occurred on March 20, 2015, and the impending lawsuit seeks at least $10 million in damages.

According to the information provided, the boy was with his classmates, playing outdoors during gym class, when a nearby soccer goal post unexpectedly fell over and struck his head. The child was flown to a nearby hospital for  emergency care and was listed in critical condition. It was reported that he remained in the hospital for an entire month due to the extent of his injuries.

Court rules for Florida family in medical malpractice case

Any time a patient undergoes surgery, it is to be understood that there is a certain amount of risk involved. However, in a recent Florida case, attorneys representing a family who is now in mourning have claimed that their client's loved one underwent surgery that was not necessary. The court recently ruled that the two surgeons involved in the case will be held liable for medical malpractice.

The recent tragedy involved a 45-year-old mother of two who reportedly suffered from a tumor on her skull. The two surgeons who attempted to perform surgery to remove the tumor are said to have been negligent during the operation, apparently allowing the patient to bleed to death on the operating table. Medical experts who testified in the case stated that surgery was not the preferred way to deal with the woman's condition, and most professionals would have advised against it, opting, instead, for other forms of treatment.

Multiple cruise ship accidents in Florida on the same ship line

A Florida cruise ship has been in the news multiple times in the past few months. Each of the news stories involved cruise ship accidents that are reportedly unrelated to one another. The most recent report stated that an emergency call was placed for several different passengers aboard the same boat on a Monday night in late April.

According to reports, a call went out from the MS Ryndam, which was apparently in need of rescue workers' assistance for medical emergencies on board the ship. The Holland America cruise liner had disembarked from its Tampa base and was said to be heading for Europe when the multiple emergencies occurred within 60 minutes of each other. The ship was reported to be approximately just over 3 miles from shore when Miami-Dade rescue workers began their hoist operation to transport the patients to a nearby hospital.

Ombudsman lists signs of medical malpractice in nursing homes

A recent article discussed ways that one can tell if a nursing home is up to par insofar as cleanliness and adequate care are concerned. Many elderly citizens take up residence in some type of medical care or assisted living facility when they are no longer able to be fully independent with regard to their own care. Family members who assist an elder in choosing a long-term nursing residence in Florida or elsewhere will want to be aware of the signs of nursing home medical malpractice so as to avoid facilities that don't maintain a high standard of quality care.

A long-term care ombudsman who has much experience in assessing nursing homes recently listed several things for which prospective residents and those assisting them should look for in choosing a facility. Nursing homes are typically inspected on a regular basis. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also has a ranking system in place that might help families conduct their own investigations in order to determine if their loved one is being well-cared for.

Motorcycle manufacturer issues recall for defective products

Whether Florida residents make their morning commutes in reliable, old-fashioned sedans or jaunt to work and run their errands on a sporty motorcycle, drivers have the right to assume that the motor vehicle products they have purchased are well-designed and safe to operate. A manufacturing recall has been issued by a major motorcycle manufacturing company. Those who own bikes will want to be aware of the recently published list that names the defective products.

Motorcycle lovers often consider Harley-Davidson bikes to be top-of-the-line when it comes to two-wheeled vehicles. The recent massive recall involves Harley bikes manufactured in 2014 through 2015. These models contain faulty clutch cylinders and potentially place motorcyclists at risk.

Raising awareness of medical malpractice in Florida and elsewhere

The founder of a medical mediation group was a recent guest on a program in a state outside of Florida. The man is a former litigator and health-care attorney who was offering practical information and tips with regard to medical malpractice. Those who are currently or have recently been under the care of professional medical staff can most likely benefit from the information provided.

A variety of the topics discussed on the program were featured in a recent article. One of the topics included ways for patients to determine if they have suffered from medical negligence or error. The article listed the definition of medical malpractice as patients suffering injury due to substandard medical care, as well as physicians who fail to provide care within acceptable standards.

Personal injury through sexual assault filmed on Florida beach

An unreported incident was discovered by police who were investigating an unrelated crime in a different state. Officers discovered cell phone video taken of an apparent gang rape which took place during the annual college spring break activities in Bay County, Florida. The victim who suffered the personal injury later said that she did not report it to authorities because she was not fully cognizant of the assault. She stated that she believes she might have been drugged before the attack took place.

Police were investigating a shooting when an officer discovered a video recording of what appeared to be an incapacitated woman being sexually assaulted by multiple perpetrators on a public beach. According to reports, the video includes a crowd of on-lookers, who seemingly watched the attacks take place without coming to the woman's defense. Three males, each in his early twenties, have been charged in the sexual assault.

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