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Passenger succumbs to personal injury in Florida accident

A recent tragedy occurred on a Florida roadway that resulted in the loss of one life. Others reportedly suffered personal injury in the accident as well, but they were treated and later released from an area hospital. An investigation remains ongoing at this time.

Police say that the crash took place on Route 40 on a recent Thursday afternoon. Apparently, a vehicle was attempting to make a left-hand turn from an eastbound lane when a pickup truck coming from the westbound lane collided with it. The vehicle that was making the turn was carrying multiple passengers at the time. One of the occupants, a 57-year-old female, was taken to the hospital for emergency care but was pronounced dead later that night.

Some Florida cruise ship accidents might involve alcohol or drugs

A mother lamented the emotional pain she has experienced in the tragic and untimely loss of her son, who was killed in a 2014 boating accident. Cruise ship accidents, as well as injuries or deaths resulting from private boating incidents, sometimes result in investigations that might determine alcohol and/or drugs as factors. The woman who recently spoke to reporters about the death of her son has filed a civil lawsuit against the man she deems responsible for the fatal accident. 

The man named as a defendant in the recent case works as a radio disc jockey in southern Florida. In 2014, a 23-year-old man was killed after reportedly being struck by the propellers of the radio celebrity's boat. The vessel had apparently become immobilized by a sandbar, and the young man had tried to push the boat in order to dislodge it from the sand.

Florida accidents sometimes result in personal injury or death

A tragedy recently occurred on a Florida highway involving a vehicle and a person walking along the road. The accident took place on the Florida Turnpike on a recent Saturday night in Osceola County. The tragic crash resulted in the loss of one life. No other personal injury was reported.

According to available reports, a 27-year-old man was on the road after his own vehicle had become disabled. A 42-year-old woman was reportedly driving a sports utility vehicle on the same road and hit him. She is not reported to have suffered any injuries in the accident.

Florida accidents involving personal injury/death open to claims

In the state of Florida and throughout the United States, motor vehicle accidents sometimes result in severe injury or death to drivers and/or passengers. When a personal injury or fatality has been caused due to the apparent fault of another motorist, an injured victim -- or surviving family member of a deceased victim -- may choose to file a legal claim in a civil court against the person deemed negligent in the accident. A recent case involved a tragedy that took place on the Florida Turnpike at approximately 3:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning.

The accident occurred near an exit on the highway. Reports indicate that a 23-year-old man was driving a vehicle in a northbound direction of the southbound lane of traffic. Another motorist, a 19-year-old male who was heading in the appropriate direction in the southbound lane, is said to have maneuvered his vehicle to try to avoid a collision.

Medical malpractice might include bad effects from pain killers

In Florida and throughout the nation, many people who suffer from various types of pain. Whether caused by a personal injury, an illness or a chronic medical condition, the fact remains that some people deal with physical pain on a daily basis. At times, some use medication to help alleviate their suffering. When medication has been taken by a person who then suffers ill-health due to the medication, there is sometimes the possibility that medical malpractice might be a factor in the situation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently stated that some pain killers pose a high risk of heart problems to those who consume them. In a recent update, the FDA upgraded the warning labels on certain prescription and non-prescription pain medications. Along with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, the new labels state that those who take the pain killers are at risk for heart failure, as well.

Personal injury and death from Florida accidents impact society

Approximately $230.6 billion of economic losses to the nation each year are attributed to traffic accidents. A recent article suggested that more than 90 percent of all deaths are due to fatalities in transportation-related incidents. The effects of personal injury and death from vehicular accidents are among the issues that can have an immense impact on Florida residents, and society, as a whole.

The cost of auto insurance is also affected by traffic accident statistics, as well as by vehicle type and drivers' habits of safety. Insurance companies often support safe driving initiatives because these programs and campaigns serve the public good and keep insurance costs down. There have been more than six million police-reported car accidents in the United States in a single year.

Florida personal injury: Acts of road rage a concern

Florida motorists have the right to reasonably assume that other vehicle operators who are sharing the road will conduct themselves behind the wheels of their vehicles with the utmost attention to and effort toward safe driving habits. Personal injury can occur when a motor vehicle is involved in an accident. A recent article suggests that acts of road rage sometimes lead to crashes that result in injuries.

The term "road rage" is said to have originated on the West Coast. It is now officially defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as traffic offenses meant to endanger other people or property, as well as assaults committed with motor vehicles or other weapons against other drivers or vehicle occupants. There has been a distinction drawn between aggressive driving and road rage. Acts of road rage are criminal offenses.

Medical malpractice issues might involve staff who go to work ill

Medical patients in Florida and elsewhere throughout the United States have the right to reasonably assume that staff members caring for them have taken all available precautions to ensure their safety and well-being while undergoing medical care. Medical malpractice occurs when a patient has been injured or has become ill due to negligence on the part of medical staff. A recent survey suggests that a problem involving doctors and/or nurses who report to work while knowingly suffering from illness is on the rise.

Some medical professionals have stated that when they are sick, they continue to report for work because it is difficult to find replacements. Those interviewed have also suggested that there is pressure placed upon them in the workplace to earn pay incentives that will not be made available to a doctor or nurse who misses work due to illness. Understandably, 95 of health industry workers who were surveyed agreed that working while ill places patients at great risk for harm.

Fatalities and personal injury result of Florida accident

The family of a recent college graduate was grief-stricken after hearing of the young man's death in a motor vehicle collision in Florida. He was one of two who were killed in the crash. Two other passengers in the same vehicle were each reported to have suffered serious personal injury in the accident.

A close friend of the 22-year-old victim offered kind words about him, stating that he had always hoped his friend would be the best man at his wedding. He said that his friend was a great athlete and had really opened up and had come out of his shyness during his time in college. The childhood companion also stated that the graduate was a superb mathematician and had recently accepted an employed position as an electrical engineer.

False diagnosis and insults result in Florida medical malpractice

A recent case involved a man who was undergoing a colonoscopy at a medical facility outside the state of Florida. He was given anesthesia and had turned on his cellphone in order to record post-operative instructions. Due to additional information that was discovered on the cellphone audio, the man filed a medical malpractice claim against the anesthesiologist and another doctor and was recently awarded $500,000 by a jury.

The anesthesiologist involved in the case has reportedly been working in a Florida hospital. Reports indicate that in the aftermath of the jury's decision, she resigned her privileges at the facility. Officials at the Florida hospital claim that they were unaware of the allegations against the anesthesiologist when they decided to employ her.

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