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Florida patients could suffer medical malpractice through RSI

Hospital patients throughout Florida rely on the knowledge, skills and proficient care of medical staff as they undergo various types of treatments and surgeries. In many states, a problem involving medical malpractice through retained surgical items has been noted. A recent article offered updated details and explanations with regard to this serious issue.

Data indicates that there are as many as 4000 reported incidents in the United States of patients suffering from surgical items mistakenly left inside their bodies after surgeries each year. According to reports, there are frequent occurrences of the problem in some hospitals, while others have a pristine record. Recent directives were issued to specifically define the exact time period officially considered to be post-operative, stating that a surgical item is not considered retained until the patient has been removed from the operating room.

Florida accident kills tourist, 2 others suffer personal injury

When a Florida resident is injured through the negligent or wrongful actions of another person, he or she is typically entitled to file a legal claim in a civil court. Those who suffer personal injury in traffic accidents or other catastrophic events have the right to pursue legal action against a person or group of persons deemed liable for their injuries. In a recent case involving a group of pedestrians, a newly retired vacationer was struck and killed by a vehicle while two others were injured in the tragedy.

The  accident occurred when a recently retired hospital executive was vacationing in Florida with his wife. They, along with another woman, were reportedly walking along a sidewalk when a vehicle veered off the road and struck them. The man was transported to a nearby hospital with severe head trauma. Sadly, he later succumbed to his injuries.

1 killed, another suffered serious personal injury in Florida

State authorities have issued a public request, asking that any person who might have pertinent information about a recent multiple vehicle crash to call a number they've made available as part of their accident investigation. Southbound lanes of a Florida highway were shut down in the aftermath of the recent tragedy. One woman was killed, and a passenger in her vehicle suffered serious personal injury in the collision.

A strip of highway on Interstate 95 was the scene of the recent accident. A sedan, a pickup truck and a tractor trailer were involved. Reports thus far do not detail exactly what occurred. The Florida Highway Patrol indicated that the three vehicles were traveling southbound when they apparently collided.

Cruise ship accidents may be difficult to litigate

Sailing the open seas on a commercial cruise line is a popular choice for vacationers. However, Florida residents who enjoy cruises may want to take note of recent information published in an article that lists potential issues regarding cruise ship accidents. Several people injured while on cruises have reportedly been shocked to learn that filing legal claims in court did not come as easily as they would have expected when accidents occurred during their cruises.

The recent article cautions commercial cruise passengers to carefully read all the fine print on their contracts, especially in regard to provisions pertaining to catastrophic injury or death. Several clauses were mentioned that might alarm potential travelers. One of these involved a limitation on the amount in damages that can be sought in a claim against a cruise line.

Two teens suffer personal injury in Florida parasailing accident

A recent case was heard in a Florida court involving two young girls who were involved in a parasailing accident. Both teens suffered personal injury and live with ongoing challenges due to their conditions. One of the victims stated that she is trying to overcome her anger and live with gratitude for the things she is still able to do.

The girls were both 17 at the time of the 2013 accident. According to reports, their parasail tore loose from the hired boat that was pulling them. Gusts of wind then apparently lifted them even higher and slammed them into a hotel. Both girls then plummeted to a crash landing on top of several cars parked below a balcony.

Recent Florida tragedy results in personal injury and death

According to data provided in the aftermath of a recent multi-vehicle crash, a Florida bridge has been the scene of at least 1200 accidents since 2012. A fiery tragedy was added to those statistics Monday afternoon. Three who were involved suffered personal injury, and four lives were lost in the collision.

Fire and rescue workers responded to the horrific scene when a sport utility vehicle burst into flames after apparently being struck by a tractor-trailer. Reports indicate that the driver of the SUV had decelerated in order to keep with the flow of traffic and was then hit by a semi truck. Sadly, two children and two adults who were occupants in the vehicle did not survive the flames.

Spouses eligible to file medical malpractice in cases of death

Negligent actions or acts of omission on the part of professional care providers can lead to illness, injury or even death. In Florida and all other states, medical malpractice causing serious injury or death is considered a legitimate ground for filing a civil lawsuit in court. A woman who lost her husband after a motorcycle accident in another state has recently filed such a claim.

The incident took place in Nov. 2011. The man was said to be suffering chest pains and abdominal discomfort when first responders arrived at the scene of the motorcycle crash. When the victim was finally transported to the hospital for care, his condition was already declining.

More than 20 suffer personal injury in Florida bus accident

The owner of a fixtures store, who was on vacation visiting family in another state, was shocked to hear that a bus had recently crashed into his storefront, causing more than $500,000 in damages. More than 20 people suffered personal injury in the Miami bus accident. Two occupants were listed in serious conditions.

Witnesses claim that the Thursday morning collision was caused by the driver of a sport utility vehicle who allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign. Reportedly, the driver of the bus was forced to sway in order to avoid crashing into the SUV. Although a collision with the other vehicle was successfully averted, the bus crashed into a nearby storefront. Many passengers were able to escape the smoking bus through the windows with the help of responding rescue workers.

Fiery head-on collision in Florida kills 1, injures 2 children

A head-on collision in Florida left one woman dead and injured three other people, two of them young children, on Feb. 14. The accident occurred just after 9 a.m. on State Road 60 in Osceola County. A 19-year-old Plantation man was traveling in a four-door Volkswagen in the westbound lanes of the highway when, according to police, his vehicle entered the eastbound lanes while passing other westbound vehicles. The Volkswagen then struck a four-door Hyundai traveling in the eastbound lanes. The force of the impact sent the Hyundai crashing into a guardrail. It then caught fire.

The 56-year-old Miami woman driving the Hyundai died at the scene of the accident. A 4-year-old girl in the Hyundai suffered critical injuries in the crash, while a 6-year-old boy suffered serious injuries. Emergency crews took both of the children, who are cousins, to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando. The Volkswagen's driver suffered minor injuries.

Road rage and its causes

Florida drivers may have heard about cases of road rage around the country and wondered what causes them. Sometimes, people who are mild-mannered in other areas of their life will give in to road rage. In February, there was a publicized road rage incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which a woman was shot after she and her son went looking for a driver who had nearly been in an accident with the woman earlier.

Experts say that people often behave the way they do because they feel invulnerable in cars. Drivers report making obscene gestures at other drivers or yelling at them when they would never do the same thing in other environments.

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