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Parasailing in Florida may soon be subject to legislation

After several deaths and serious accidents in recent seasons, parasailing is closer to becoming a regulated industry in Florida, as the Senate has approved a bill that would make companies offering the beachside activity enforce safety guidelines. A Democratic senator from Delray Beach is the bill's sponsor.

The popular water sport involves being lifted into the air while attached to a tow rope pulled by a boat and wearing a parachute.

Woman in Miami hit and killed pulling out of driveway

A woman in Miami was leaving her home, but she did not make it any farther than her own driveway, as she was struck by a vehicle coming down her street as she pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. The type of vehicle that she was driving was a car, though it has not been reported what type it was, and she was hit by a larger minivan. As the van slammed into her vehicle, the car rolled with the impact. It was also smashed up against a tree, further damaging it as the van pushed it out of the road.

The young woman who was behind the wheel did survive the initial impact, but she was pronounced dead while at the hospital. She was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Man files premises liability claim after falling in parking lot

Commercial landlords in Florida and other parts of the country have a huge responsibility. They have a duty to keep premises free of hazards. This can be an overwhelming task, considering that commercial properties -- including parking lots -- are heavily used by customers. However, dangerous conditions can arise at any time, causing serious injury. One man is suing a commercial landlord after he tripped and fell in a parking lot and allegedly broke both hands.

The victim is seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, discomfort and mental anguish. It is unknown how much money he is seeking in damages.

Man claims defective products amputated fingers

Many Florida residents use dangerous equipment on a daily basis. Metalworkers are especially prone to injuries due to the tools they use. One man is allegedly disabled after he used a defective metal shearer that amputated several of his fingers.

Tennsmith Inc., is being sued by a Pennsylvania man for the injuries, which occurred on April 28, 2012. The man, who works in a metal fabrication department, injured three fingers on his right hand -- his dominant hand -- because the tool had no guard or safety devices to protect him.

Couple wins medical malpractice suit after infant's death

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for most Miami parents. But, that excitement can turn to agony when doctors fail to provide the baby with adequate medical care. A couple recently won a $1.25 million medical malpractice award after their daughter died due to improper catheter placement.

The Michigan couple allege that their daughter, who was born six weeks prematurely in June 2009, died after a radiologist inserted a catheter tip into her heart. It should have been inserted into a vein of her umbilical cord. The improper placement caused fluid to surround the girl's heart. Her lungs collapsed, and she died three days later of cardiac arrest.

Company recalls defective products due to listeria scare

Miami consumers will want to be aware of a recent food recall that could affect them. A food company has recalled cheese, salsa, peanut butter and spread products that could potentially contain listeria bacterium.

Parkers Farm Acquisition issued a product recall after it was found that some product samples contained listeria, which can cause serious illness to children, elderly people, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems. Listeria is characterized by nausea, diarrhea, fever and muscle aches. It can be treated with antibiotics. So far, there have been no reports of the illness.

Woman files premises liability suit after injury at Walmart

Not many Florida residents expect to be injured while shopping at their local Walmart. However, slips and falls can happen at any time and at any place, especially at stores, where liquids can spill and cause puddles. These can lead to slippery situations, which is what one woman experienced when she slipped and fell at a Texas Walmart.

The woman is now suing Walmart for the injuries she allegedly suffered as a result of the slip and fall. The woman claims she slipped in a puddle of water by a cash register. The premises liability suit is accusing Walmart of negligence for allowing the wet floor -- a dangerous property condition -- to exist. Walmart did not look out for the safety of its customers, and the result was an injury accident.

Florida rollover crash causes personal injury, death

Young drivers often lack the experience and judgment to drive safely on the road with other motorists. This can lead to accidents ranging from minor fender-benders to fatal crashes. Unfortunately, the latter happened when a 16-year-old recently caused a fatal crash on I-95 in Florida, with several others also injured.

The car accident happened on the evening of March 12 in Pompano Beach when a 16-year-old boy rear-ended an SUV carrying a family of four. The SUV rolled over, shattering a windshield and causing a tire to come off. The northbound lanes were closed for five hours as the Florida Highway Patrol investigated the accident scene.

Upgrades could help airport reduce premises liability issues

Unfortunately, structures built in Florida and other parts of the country don't last forever. These buildings require regular maintenance and sometimes they even require upgrades or need to be remodeled altogether. This is true even for airports. One particular airport is finally getting a much-needed facelift after 85 years of the same old fixtures.

A remodel of the Burbank Bob Hope Airport in California may be likely in the near future, but the idea is still under review. Even if construction does break ground in the next year or so, it could still be almost a decade before it is completed. The airport, which served just under four million passengers last year, is expected to be safer and provide an overall more enjoyable experience for customers.

Man wins medical malpractice suit after amputation

When a Florida resident suffers sudden leg pain, he or she hopes that quick medical attention can help manage the pain. Most people don't expect an amputation, but unfortunately, that was the fate of one man after he sought emergency treatment. The man filed a medical malpractice suit against the doctor and was awarded $5.6 million. However, due to a malpractice cap set in place, his final award was $1.8 million.

The 45-year-old Virginia man's health issues started in February 2007, after he started experiencing pain and discoloration in his leg. He sought medical treatment at a local hospital's emergency room and was treated and released.

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